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Work is a great place to culminate ideas. It’s also a great place to realize what moments are the most gratifying and satisfying. Here are my top four:

1. Drinking an iced cold drink after a long time of your throat feeling dry.
There are many moments when this can happen: when you first wake up, after a long workout at the gym, etc. There are also many moments at work where you are just dumb and you don’t even realized how parched you are until you see a long line in front of the drink station at work. That feeling when you finally quench your thrist? Ahhhhh.

2. Going pee when you’ve been holding it for hours
It happens. Back-to-back client meetings, phone calls, emails, you name it. You just can’t catch a break. Your face starts to show a high level of discomfort because you’ve stopped thinking about work and started thinking about the consequences of peeing in your pants in front of your colleagues. Finally, when your meeting is over, you run to the bathroom, knocking down everyone in your way and it is the single best feeling in the world.

3. Proving your colleagues wrong.
My team always has some sort of contest going on: what we think the client looks like, what we think the client will say, will the client catch you when you throw in a “That’s what she said” into the conversation, etc. To date, I have been wrong every single time for the last 150 or so calls that have happened in the past few months. My co-worker called it when he predicted the client would take our joke lightly and send us beer (he did). My boss has used “That’s what she said” in almost every client call we’ve had ever since I started and the client hasn’t caught on. I, on the other hand, have lost every single prediction I’ve made. Actually, this is a satisfying moment that hasn’t been fulfilled yet but I imagine that it will be most fulfilling.

4. Meeting and finishing a deadline
I should probably have a serious one in here. Every time I start the week, I look at all the meetings we have for the week and anticipate every single one of them. That feeling right after you leave a meeting is amazing. It’s a huge sigh of relief because, even if it’s only for a day, you’ve accomplished that day’s task. The feeling is even better after an entire day of meetings because it just pushes you one step closer to completing the project and for a moment, you can sit and relax and not stress over that phone call from the client.

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Best Goodbye Email

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Boss fail.

Every now and then, I wonder if my boss can find this blog and see the occasional rant that I write about her. Then I remind myself that her web surfing abilities are limited and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Unlike this girl.

When I saw that, I cringed for her.

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Boss Lady and her many fails

My boss is a superstar. June marked the closing year for the company and she is reportedly the top female agent in the entire country. Not bad for someone who just started in February (while everyone started in July).  However, that doesn’t stop her from being a scatter-brain. As much as she confuses and frustrates me, I gotta admit, she’s definitely a hard working woman. I don’t know anyone who works as hard as she does. But still, she says/does these things that make me wonder how the hell she got as far as she did.

Here are some examples:

Boss: Hi, on your way to lunch, can you pick me up a memory stick for my camera?
Me: Sure, what type of memory stick were you looking for?
Boss: The one that goes in your camera
Me: …no I know but some cameras have different types. What type is yours?
Boss: Oh! Mine’s a digital camera
Me: …okay can you just bring your camera into the office and I’ll just take it with me


while on the phone..
Boss: I need to order a new laptop. I saw one on Dell’s website, could you order it for me?
Me: Sure, do you know the model name or type?
Boss:  It’s really thin and pretty
Me: …ok.. I’m looking on the website and they all look thin and pretty….
Boss: It’s black
Me: …they’re all black or silver
Boss: are you sure? Doesn’t Dell only have one model?
Me: No. If they only had one option they would go out of business.
Boss: Oh, I don’t know anything about computers

you don’t say..


Boss: I need you to cancel my 3pm meeting today and move it to tomorrow instead
Me: Ok, who’s the client?
Boss: I don’t know *goes through phone* yeah, I don’t remember


the morning of her business trip..
Boss: I really need the files before I leave today, it’s very crucial
Me: Okay, I can have them ready in the next half hour. When is your flight?
Boss: That’s another thing, can you book a flight for me to leave tonight? I want the cheapest one and I want a non-stop flight
Me: Okay your total is [your typical high fare price since you’re booking a few hours before]
Boss: What?! Why is it so expensive?!
Me: Because I’m booking it 5 hours before it’s suppose to take off…this is how it’s always been
Boss: That’s ridiculous. I think I’ll drive instead. Can you book me a rental car?

I didn’t want to tell her that the cost of her renting a “luxury” vehicle ended up costing the same as her flight, except her flight would have saved her 10 hours of driving both ways….


while on the phone

Boss: Diana, cancel all my appointments today. My car broke down; I got a flat tire so I’m stranded right now
Me: Okay. Are you going to call AAA and get your tire fixed?
Boss: Oh no, I’m gonna go buy a new car today.
Me: What’s wrong with your old car?
Boss: Oh, I wanted a new car anyway so I’ll just use this as an excuse to get a new one

to be continued..

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Rejected. Unemployed.

These two words are always number 1 & 2 in searches when they come to my blog.

I’m either 1) writing too way much about these two topics or 2) I’m clearly not the only one feeling these two words

Look at that man/woman in the white coat walking away from the line in the picture above. Does this mean he/she got a job? Maybe it’s because his/her white coat stood out in the thousands of black coat-wearing people.

I followed up on a job submission today (actually I followed up on 20) and I received the following email:

Thank you for your second email. With over a hundred applications, it is difficult to go thru everyone of them. Therefore, I just reviewed your resume. Your qualifications are more that what we need. This is a very simple research position. Additionally, your commuting from [the city I live in], our pay rate may not make the trip worthwhile.
Thank you for your interest.
*** ****

Rejected for being too overqualified and living too far away. At least I got her to take a look at my resume after I emailed her so she’d have to look at it so figure out who the hell I am. At least I don’t have to work for someone who spells “through” as “thru”, writes “every one” as “everyone” and types “that” instead of “than” Good gosh there are a lot of typos.

But something she said rang true:  With over a hundred application, how was she suppose to sift through them and find mine? What’s the point of making a pretty looking resume if my email address will blend in with everyone else’s email address? Yes, I could physically walk in and hand in my resume (which works for some places) but seriously, how does a person sift through that much info?

A friend of mine used to work for a booking agency proved this concept to be true. She told me, one time, she posted an ad looking for a certain type of model and within an hour she had over 50 submissions. I’m assuming by the next hour, it doubled. Overwhelmed, she didn’t know how to even begin sorting through them. So she came up with a bizarre system: Toss out ugly ones, toss out ones with one typo, toss out ones that just look weird. Even doing that, she still had hundreds of submissions left over and it all became random at some point.

So how do you make yourself stand out? No really, I’m asking.

I’ve looked at every possible resumed-related article on how to beef it up, make it stand out amongst the rest (unless everyone else rest those too, then I’m back to square one). I’ve looked at every possible career-related article on how to network, get your name on there, etc. I’ve looked at every cover letter-related article on how to write effective cover letters. Tailored resume? Check. Tailored cover letter? Check. Research on companies? Check. No replies or replies with rejections? Check and check.

I know there’s something I’m missing. What is it?!

I wish I had been born a Trump and have my dad let me run one of his multi-million dollar companies.

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I know, I know, there are plenty of other people who’ve gone to more interviews and have gotten more rejections than me. In this world, there is always someone who has it worse than you. So here are two emails I got from two out of the 11 companies that rejected me. I’ll admit, it didn’t bother me at first because I became immune to it. Then 10 minutes later, I would mope and then 15 minutes later I would get annoyed. Why do they always say nice fake things? Why do they try to compliment you while rejecting you? That’s like the classic break-up line “You’re a really great person and it’s not you, it’s me”.

Example #1

Dear Diana,

Thank you for meeting with us last week. Although your resume was exceptional and impressive, we have been getting an unusually high amount of applicants this season and we have decided to pursue other applicants. We appreciate your time to meet with us and we wish you the best of  luck

Company #1

Example #2

Dear Diana,

It was a pleasure meeting you last week! You really stood out to us and made a lasting impression. However, we regret to inform you that we have decided to go with another candidate. We’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of applicants this year but we request that we keep your resume on file for future consideration. Thanks again and good luck with everything!

Company #2

Yes I know it’s not personal. I know it’s strictly business. I hope they realize I don’t see it as, “Oh! They think I have a great resume!” because personally, I see it is “Hey you’re good…but not good enough so sucks for you!” haha okay maybe I’m just being bitter now.

So here is my letter in response to them and all future rejection emails that I will receive.

Dear Company-who-didn”t-want-me,

Thanks for considering my application. I’m sorry I didn’t meet your need. Please don’t feel the need to tell me that my resume was strong because clearly it wasn’t strong enough. What I would appreciate though is some feedback. Please tell me what wasn’t good enough. I understand that you are extremely busy but if all companies did this, I believe that every company, including yours, would get better applicants in the future. Why? Because we would learn what we’re doing wrong. Is it our lack of experience? Are we horrible at interviews? Do we give off bad first impressions? Please, tell us what it is! Everytime I get a rejection, I’m not sure if it’s due to my lack of experience (being that I’m a recent graduate) or if I’m just horrible at interviews. If it’s my resume then at least I know I can work on beefing that up (if I can get a job with the crap resume). If it’s my interviewing skills then at least I know I can work on improving both my non-verbal and verbal communication skills. Consider it constructive criticism if you will. If other companies had done this for their candidates who were now applying to your company, you could have gotten better applicants all together. So please, no more false compliments. If you’re going to reject me, just reject me and tell me why. If I really was a great candidate but someone was just a little better, that would help me too. I’ll just have to make sure my future competition won’t be better than me. Thanks


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