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Quote of the day.


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Client fail

I work at a design company and I’ve had my fair share of “Clients from Hell” moments.

But so far, this has got to be my favorite so far.

On the phone with a client; looking at a particular slide in a presentation.

Client: Could we possibly have a line going underneath every title on each slide?

Me: So you want all the titles underlined?

Client: No, not underlined but a thin line going right below each title. That would be great!


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Quote Mania

I’m a big fan of quotes. I have a Notepad file on my computer solely dedicated to experts, quotes, and it’s appropriately titled “Good stuff”

In the past, my friends have offered to buy me books full of quotes.

So it’s only fitting that I subscribe to this blog: http://quote-book.tumblr.com/

Is it weird that I was ecstatic to discover it? Maybe, but I don’t care.

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