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A Dog’s Purpose

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Facebook is a stalker’s dream. However, every so often, you’ll find a jewel, amongst all the unnecessary quizzes, status updates and incrimminating photos that show up in your newsfeed. My good friend Caroline posted this video and it made my smile so I hope it makes you smile too

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This year will mark my first actual Valentine’s date. I guess part of me should be excited about that fact but honestly, it’s just a day. It’s a business-driven holiday to boost the economy with overpriced chocolate, flowers and red cards.

I think my best Valentine’s had to be last year and I didn’t have a date. I had 15. In celebration of the day, 15 of my img_1658friends got together at someone’s house and threw a party. As it turned out, all 15 of us happened to be single. Coincidence? Who knows. In the course of 3 hours,  not once did someone complain about the day, despite the fact that we had heart-shaped img_16391decorations all over the walls, chocolate-covered strawberries and Valentine’s Day cards strewed all over the table. There were no sullen looks, there were no “I wish I had somebody” cries. No, there was laughter and lots of it. Girls beating guys at a game of Halo, friends telling ridiculous stories that made no sense and the sheer volume of drunken laughter was enough to show that not a single one of us was feeling lonely on this day. I don’t know if I can speak for the rest of my friends but I have to say this was probably one of the happiest days ever. I almost would have forgotten about the day had it not been for the overwhelming theme of red clothing worn by all the lovebirds. I guess most people hate this day because deep down, we’re all just lonely and want to feel loved by someone. I felt that last year.


Plus it was nice knowing you didn’t have to spend money buying useless gifts or outfits that you could only wear once.

But best of all, Valentine’s Day marks the day before the best chocolate sale ever! Although I’m looking forward to spending time with the boyfriend this year, I’m a little more excited to hit up Walgreens or Target and raid the chocolate/candy aisle.  After all, Valentine’s Day can also be called Eat-your-heart-out day

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