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An old church friend of mine posted this on his Facebook last Fri, after the announcement that gay marriage would be legalized in New York. Beautifully written and sums up how I felt about the news (but in much better words than I could have ever written)

Hello world, I am a Christian. I stand unrepentant in my faith in Jesus Christ as the truest representation of God. Unfortunately, many who would agree with that first claim would not agree with this one: that Christians may be one of the greatest purveyors of pain in the modern world. Forgive us, for many who claim to be Christian do not, in fact, follow Jesus. And those that are trying, especially me, frequently get it wrong. I choose to represent both these groups today and humbly proclaim, “I am sorry.”

I am sorry that though we claim to have a God of love, we live as though he were a god, stingy in love, who, if you were lucky, might just have enough love for you after me. I am sorry that though Jesus came to serve and suffer, we have instead come to coerce and conform. “Step into line,” our cold eyes say, “or you can’t become one of us.” I am sorry that Jesus came to heal, yet where we go, the people need healing. I am sorry that we have not looked more like the one we claim to follow.

I apologize on behalf of the parents, pastors, authority figures, who, in the name of Christ, have condemned you, shamed you and exposed you; kicked you in the teeth when you were down and threw you naked into the street. Jesus would have come to you with a blanket, tears in his eyes and a tremor in his voice. I apologize that I was not there in his place.

Jesus said “love your enemies” and “turn the other cheek,” not “love your cheek” and “turn against your enemies.” Jesus said “love one another” not “love just each other.” Please forgive us for controverting the words of God so that we lost their power and forsook their meaning. I reclaim their audacity today.

On pride day, I stand with you, my friend, and acknowledge your pain, especially the pain that I have caused. I leave the side of the Church and stand in solidarity with you as beloved daughters and sons, made in the image of God and worthy of glory. You are beautiful and holy and wondrous and radiant. You are worthy of love, made for love, and know love. Behold, you are an eternal soul whom God loves. And as for me; teach me to love.

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