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Pretty accurate

I feel like most people (if not everyone) can relate to this. Pretty accurate if you ask me. Plus, it was shot well and it hit something in my heart that I think a lot of people can agree on: we’ve all been there or we know someone who has been. 

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Interesting read.


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Relationships are complicated. Anyone can vouch for that. Everyone likes the giddy butterfly feelings in the early stages of dating but for some reason everyone always denies the frustration and aggravation that comes with it. The flirting, the teasing, the will-he-or-won’t-he-text-or-call-me-back? From the  does-he-really-like-me questions to the why-haven’t-I-heard-from-him thoughts, it all evokes the same feeling: anxiety

The same goes for job hunting. They give you a call, it makes you smile. It makes you wonder: Do they like me? Do they want to call me and ask me on a date (aka interview)? Then you get the call for an interview. Score! You prep for an interview like you prep for a date. You brush up on your communication skills, you prepare what you’re going to talk about the night before, you lay out all your clothes, making sure that you will dress to impress. Then comes the interview. You meet, you smile, you laugh, you connect. You get good vibes from them. You feel like this is going well. You leave feeling confident. You go to sleep thinking that it was a success. Then you wake up. Welcome to the waiting game! Your mind starts to brew: Did I impress them yesterday? Was it just me or did was the feeling mutual? Do they like me enough to call me back for a second (interview) date? Why aren’t they calling me back already?!

Let’s all be honest okay? When you first start dating someone that you’re really interested in, you find yourself constantly checking your phone, seeing if you got any missed calls or text messages. You’ll flip open your phone every hour or so (or maybe even every 15 minutes or so) just in case you might have missed something, even though your cell phone volume is on full blast.

Let’s be honest okay? We do the exact same thing when looking for a job. We constantly check our phone for unknown numbers that call because hopefully, that unknown number will be my future company calling me with a job offer. Instead of checking for text messages, we’re checking for unchecked voicemail messages.

Sucks doesn’t it? This is the real-life version of playing The Bachelor/Bachelorette: Job Hunting edition. Will you get the final rose (offer)? Will it be you?!

It still amazes me how a company will either make or break my day. So far, they’ve all been breaking my day. But like the perfect dumpee, I always tell myself, “It wasn’t a good match anyway, it wouldn’t have worked out in the long run” Like any well-conditioned girl, I am trained to tell myself that there are plenty other companies in the sea who are willing and ready to have me as their employee.

So attention all companies: Stop with the teasing. Stop with the mind games. If you don’t like me from the get-go, please reject me before the interview is over. Spare me the agony of playing the waiting game.  Thanks

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I am not a city girl. I was born and raised in the sunny suburbs of Orange County so really, this observation could be totally off. But after several trips on several subways all over the world, I’ve come to a conclusion of the type of people who ride these things.

The 5 people you meet on a Subway

1. The tech-savvy businessman
Can be seen: using a Blackberry or iPhone or PDA of some sort or a laptop

Dressed in their power suit and power ties, these businessmen are constantly clicking away at their laptops or Blackberries. They are young, arrogant and think they are on their way to rule the world. Or at least the subway. They take up two seats. One for them,one for their ego. They look clean, groomed and flashy. When they exit, they walk confidently and quickly. They are proud to be a part of Corporate America. And they don’t want you bothering them.

2. The chatterbox
Can be seen: on the phone or rambling on about who-knows-what to the person next to them, who is trying really hard to ignore them.

Actually, these people can be seen on airplanes too. Most people take public transportation to get from point A to point B. These people seem to take public transportation so that they can have random encounters with random strangers. These are the people who will sit next to you, smile at you and wait for you to smile back. If and when you give them a polite smile, they will take that as a sign to chat up a storm. They’ll always start with something relating to the weather. “Nice day eh?” or “Man it’s freezing out there!” As you politely laugh, this encourages them to continue. They’ll tell you about how they’re on their way to see their granddaughter or something that you don’t care about. They’ll tell you about their passions or their childhood or something that won’t be relevant to you in any shape or form. Even if you aren’t sitting next them, their voice will fill the entire subway, because they’re the only one who is talking loudly. This would be a great time to be a youthful city dweller.

3. The youthful city dweller
Can be seen: dressed in a hoodie sweatshirt listening to an iPod blasting loud enough for everyone to hear

The youthful city dweller is an independent person, with their own opinions that they believe make them unique. No one has informed them that there really isn’t anymore original ideas. All ideas are an inspiration of something else. These are the kids who come get on the subway alone with nothing but their iPods. They sink into their seat, hood over their head, iPod plugged into their ears, blocking out the rest of the world. They stare out the window and act as if no one else is sitting on the subway. Their iPod is their escape and for a song or two, their iPod serves as a soundtrack to their life. Sometimes they can be seen playing games on their cellphones or doing their school homework (so productive). But most of the time, they just sit in the corner and drown out the chatterbox and tourists next to them.

4. The tourist
Can be seen: with other tourists, backpacks and cameras

They can be found in pairs or even by the dozens. They come, ready with a tour book in one hand and a camera in the other. They take pictures of everything, and I mean everything. They pose with the subway map, the subway chairs, the subway windows, the subway poles, you name it.  The typical groups are the hoards of Asian tour groups but I’ve also seen a lot of European tour groups so no stereotyping. They talk excitedly amongst themselves, reviewing the 100 photos they just took of their subway trip. They take a picture of something outside their window every 5 seconds, to document the entire ride. They get a lot of dirty looks from the locals.

5. The locals
Can be seen: with grocery and annoyed glares at the tourists

These are the ones who have lived in the city since before they were born. They know the city inside and out, every single alley way, every little corner. The city is their territory, riddled with businessmen on the weekdays and tourists on the weekend. They sit, hugging their groceries or purse, glaring at all who step in their territory. They get on the subway hoping not to see tourists or chatterboxes. They exchange glances of pity with other locals. They just want to ride the subway in peace.

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