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Action Required

(courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens)

If you asked any of my friends to describe me, I can almost guarantee that the words “domesticated” and “crafty” would not come up. At all.

This is completely true.

Yet, for the past three years, all I’ve been doing is compiling endless lists of recipes to make, DIY projects to try, etc. I almost feel more domesticated because of all the time I actually spend scouring the web for all these ideas. My “Food to make” Pinterest board is growing daily. One of my biggest (and somewhat legit) excuse is that I don’t have all the tools that I need. I don’t have all the cookware available, I don’t even have the basics (i.e. salt, pepper, soy sauce, butter, etc). I keep telling myself, Once you get married, you can finally start building up the kitchen you never had because you’ll have a permanent home to call your own. I keep telling myself that but I really don’t know if it’s in my nature to even do it.

For the past six months or so, my roommate and I have kept a somewhat regular schedule of cooking for the house. Most of the credit should go to her since she does all the actual cooking and I’m the professional bag-opener and vegetable cutter. We’ve had many dinner-almost-burned-but-quickly-salvaged-at-the-last-second moments but honestly, it’s a steep learning curve for me. Mostly because I still spend 10 minutes just trying to figure out where a basic kitchen utensil is.

However, at the end of the day, it’s all about the willingness. The willingness to take that first step to actually trying. The willingness to actually be okay with messing up and accepting it as part of the learning curve.

Here’s to taking baby steps and making it count.


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Writer’s Block

Last week, a dear friend of mine sent me an article that talked about the discipline and motivation of writing. To sum it up, the article encouraged you not to write for yourself but write for your reader. I never thought about that. I always assume there’s maybe a total of two of you who read this and maybe that’s why I didn’t have the motivation. Well, to those two people, here is my vow to try to discipline myself into writing more frequently. That’s also what I said in the last 9 posts of mine so realistically, this will be post #10 where I claim to tell myself that I’ll write more.

I will write what I know so…..get ready for a lot of wedding-related posts since that consumes my mind maybe 90% of the time (sad).

Let’s start slow. Let’s aim to post once a week Diana. It can’t be that hard.

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