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Ugh, this makes so happy. Who doesn’t love Adele and John Legend?

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30 years of living in the US did nothing to improve her English. Following the earthquake in Japan, I emailed her right away to see if my relatives there were okay. Here’s the email that came back this morning.

Hi Diana,

3rd aunt house in Tokyo Japan is ok. She and kiyo  in Taiwan now, they will be back Tokyo next Monday.
Have may may friends call asked 3rd aunt they are in Tokyo is safety or not?  Thanks  Raymond you noted to John uncle.
I wrote back to her:
“Hi Mom,
That’s good to hear that they’re okay.
I have no idea what your second sentence is saying.

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Work is a great place to culminate ideas. It’s also a great place to realize what moments are the most gratifying and satisfying. Here are my top four:

1. Drinking an iced cold drink after a long time of your throat feeling dry.
There are many moments when this can happen: when you first wake up, after a long workout at the gym, etc. There are also many moments at work where you are just dumb and you don’t even realized how parched you are until you see a long line in front of the drink station at work. That feeling when you finally quench your thrist? Ahhhhh.

2. Going pee when you’ve been holding it for hours
It happens. Back-to-back client meetings, phone calls, emails, you name it. You just can’t catch a break. Your face starts to show a high level of discomfort because you’ve stopped thinking about work and started thinking about the consequences of peeing in your pants in front of your colleagues. Finally, when your meeting is over, you run to the bathroom, knocking down everyone in your way and it is the single best feeling in the world.

3. Proving your colleagues wrong.
My team always has some sort of contest going on: what we think the client looks like, what we think the client will say, will the client catch you when you throw in a “That’s what she said” into the conversation, etc. To date, I have been wrong every single time for the last 150 or so calls that have happened in the past few months. My co-worker called it when he predicted the client would take our joke lightly and send us beer (he did). My boss has used “That’s what she said” in almost every client call we’ve had ever since I started and the client hasn’t caught on. I, on the other hand, have lost every single prediction I’ve made. Actually, this is a satisfying moment that hasn’t been fulfilled yet but I imagine that it will be most fulfilling.

4. Meeting and finishing a deadline
I should probably have a serious one in here. Every time I start the week, I look at all the meetings we have for the week and anticipate every single one of them. That feeling right after you leave a meeting is amazing. It’s a huge sigh of relief because, even if it’s only for a day, you’ve accomplished that day’s task. The feeling is even better after an entire day of meetings because it just pushes you one step closer to completing the project and for a moment, you can sit and relax and not stress over that phone call from the client.

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