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Self Confidence

Two friends and I have been trying (and failing) to keep each other accountable for updating our blogs. This week, I’m instructed to write about Van Gogh.

I know nothing about the man except that his fame rose after he died, he painted Starry Night, and he supposedly cut off a piece of his ear lobe. So I did some research on him. None of it really resonated with me except for one, “He was highly emotional and lacked self-confidence”¹. I don’t know how accurate this site was but that kind of stuck with me.

There are many times where I, like many others, will lack self-confidence in my work. I’ll doubt myself and beat myself up, even after I get reassurances from friends and colleagues that I’m doing a great job. We had a review call with a client yesterday and one of my designers was beating himself up over the work he was going to present. He was frustrated, angry, and it wasn’t working the way he wanted it to. We sent him home early because we knew he just needed a break from work.
What he didn’t realize is that his work was beautiful. Seriously, I’m still in amazement as I write this because his level of expectation wasn’t met but mine were blown away. I’m not saying that I have lower expectations than him but his work was seriously beautiful. All my other teammates agreed and we reassured him over and over again. We weren’t lying to him; we truly felt like his work was flawless. Even the client was pleased with the work and even went to say how much she appreciated the detail and thought that was put into this piece. Sometimes I think we’re too hard on ourselves and don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve. I feel like we need to really embrace what we love and others will eventually follow too.

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Client fail

I work at a design company and I’ve had my fair share of “Clients from Hell” moments.

But so far, this has got to be my favorite so far.

On the phone with a client; looking at a particular slide in a presentation.

Client: Could we possibly have a line going underneath every title on each slide?

Me: So you want all the titles underlined?

Client: No, not underlined but a thin line going right below each title. That would be great!


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Every year, I’ll go through all my photo albums on Facebook and reminisce about the friendships that were during those time periods. There would be phases where one year would be dedicated to one group of friends and another year, another group of friends. But what I love most is having continued friendship with the same people throughout the years.

I found this image from back in 2007 (yes, I realize it wasn’t that long ago) and it made me happy to see that our friendships remain strongly intact, regardless of how little we see each other due to distance.



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