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Just a thought

If I can smell your cologne from the hallway while you sit in your office, you’re wearing way too much

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This past weekend, the boy and I decided to crack open the Planet Earth series that he bought over a year ago. I was really hesitant to watch since I’m not really a big fan of nature documentaries. But the series was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. There are a number of series and we’ve only seen two so far but I AM HOOKED.

I know this has been out for a while now and people who have seen it raved about it so now I will be one more person who praises it. Definitely MUST watch! I’m so excited to watch the rest of it.

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A friend of mine is going to Vegas soon and was asking me what she should wear:

me: there is no standard invegas
friend: hahaha
me: you can be as slutty or as classy as you want
friend: ur right
me: you’ll always find someone who’s dressed even sluttier than you
friend: man, i have no slutty clothes. i need to spice things up lol
me: just wear nice dresses then, keep it class y:)
friend: but i want to be sort of slutty lol

I knew it! There’s a slut inside of every girl, especially in Vegas. Haha I’m just kidding.

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Me vs. The Real Me

People always post the best pictures of themselves. Why don’t we post more of what we really look like?

This is me:

Taken at some club back in 2009

This is the real me:

Making my way through a big bag of Halloween candy

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Every year, my boyfriend and I would make our annual (soon to be bi-annual) trip to Vegas. It always happened to coincide with our anniversary so it just gave us more reason to celebrate. Neither of us are big gamblers and I can’t drink. So we did what we did best: EAT!

Since we stayed at Mandalay Bay and The Hotel, we decided to try all the restaurants there.

Here are some of the highlights:

First stop, Strip Steak inside Mandalay Bay Hotel. The food wasn’t exactly memorable but the restaurant setting was nice. All my pictures ended up coming out blurry so here is my favorite part of the meal: our free dessert. Yay!

Next, we hit up Mix Restaurant at the top of The Hotel. BEAUTIFUL view, beautiful restaurant. The appetizers and desserts were amazing. Unfortunately the entrees left something to be desired. So close.

Easily the nicest restaurant decor I’ve ever seen.

Foie Gras in it’s purest form. It was my first time trying it and I fell in LOVE.

Mix Candy Bar. Rich chocolate and graham cracker piece with lime coconut sorbet. It complements each other so well. Glad we started and ended the night with such winners.

The view from Mix Lounge. Gorgeous

Our last stop was Fleur de Lys. I’ve been DYING to try this place for so long now. This was in my “Top 5 Places to Try” and now I can finally cross it off my list. It definitely lived up to the hype!

Truffle Onion Soup. Such an uppity name but it lived up to it so well! I was pretty appalled at the $20 price tag but the soup is definitely worth trying. Delicious!

Hands down, the best filet mignon I’ve ever had. Cooked to perfection; very tender and juicy. I was literally in awe and speechless.

Thanks to my dearest for another wonderful anniversary 🙂

Finally, my boyfriend is a HUGE (that’s an understatement) fan of musicals. It’s a shame I don’t share that same passion. Nonetheless, we went to watch The Lion King, which turned out to be pretty good. Plus, it was free so why not?

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And so it begins…

My childhood friend from church got married this past weekend. This officially marks the beginning of MY friends, not just people I knew, getting hitched. Being at her wedding was so surreal; I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around it. I guess we’re no longer little kids who used to climb the bathroom stalls at church as a game (yea, we were super cool)

Congrats to the happy couple!

Annie & Gavin 5.29.10

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Cereal & Milk

Cereal and milk make the best midnight snack

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Company bonding

Apparently the best way to bond with co-workers is to show them your drunken side. It makes for good conversation for the first half hour at work the next morning.

On the bright side, I can now handle one full shot (of hypnotiq) without barfing or passing out!

I wish I had the tolerance of a 23-year old instead of a 4-year old.

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