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There’s a slew of sites out all resonate the same message: Unemployment Sucks

Sites such as http://www.firedfornow.com and http://unemploymentality.com (where the post below is from) have provided an outlet for those to come together and frankly, just feel better that we’re not alone.

The post below had me saying “Yes! That’s EXACTLY how I feel” because honestly, every single thing that post says is the one thing that has been bothering me almost every single day.


Me, Myself and I (Am So Sick of My Own Thoughts)

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You know what I hate the most about being unemployed? The question “So what have you been up to?” How do you really answer that? Well here is my answer. Below is a schedule that is, quite literally, what most of my days look like.

I’ve gone on 9 interviews so far and I’ve gotten 8 rejections (I’m still waiting to hear back from the 9th, which is also probably a rejection) The reason I’ve heard BY FAR the most is “We’ve been getting an unusually high amount of applicants for this position” a.k.a. we would rather hire all the laid-off people who are more qualified than a recent graduate like you. Yes, I know my year and this coming year was the worst time to graduate.  Yes I know it’s a bad economy. Yes I know it’s tough for everyone right now. I don’t need that pity encouragement from someone who took  got a cushy job through their parents or someone who inherited the family business. I already know. The news world shoves it in our face everyday. I don’t need you to tell me again.

But you know what, quite frankly, I’m pretty encouraged by all the interviews I’ve been getting. Yes, none of them have resulted in a job but at the same time, it still shows me that some places are hiring. Yes, I’ve lowered my job standard by a lot but I think we have to during recession. I consider myself pretty lucky. I don’t have a family to raise, a mortgage to pay or even have loans to pay back. So really, I’m in no position to complain. People have told me to take up a hobby. I’m still trying to find one. So as if right now, job hunting has become my full-time job.

Here is my daily unemployed-life routine:

8:45 AM: Wake up slowly. I’m in no rush to go anywhere.
9:15 AM:
Finally leave my bed. My body alarm won’t allow me to sleep in any longer than this
9:16 AM:
Still rubbing the sleep out of my eye, open laptop and wait for it wake up too. Check the vitals: Gmail, Yahoo News, Facebook, Perezhilton.com (no shame) and WordPress
9:51 AM: Scour Craiglists, Mediabistro, Journalismjobs and other job sites for potential job listings. Bookmark potential companies to apply for later
10:25 AM:
Either 1) Get ready for an interview or 2)Re-check all the vitals again (I do this several times a day)
11:45 AM: Get down to business. Open each bookmarked job and start researching on the company. Make a tailored resume and cover letter for each job position. Send out resume + cover letters to these potential companies.
1:16 PM:
Take a break. Eat lunch. Check vitals again. Follow up with prospective employees
2:00 PM: Pick up where I left off in the job hunt. Finish up applying to all the jobs I bookmarked and also check for new postings.
3:21 PM: Recheck all vitals.
3:43 PM: Either 1) run some errands 2) take potential calls from potential employees 3) do some research or 4) watch dvds and play games via XBOX360 or Internet.
6:00 PM: Recheck all vitals.
7:00 PM: Eat dinner. (Partially) watch a movie.
8:30 PM: Recheck all vitals. Recheck all job boards. Bookmark any new potential job listings for tomorrow. Prepare for an interview (if I have one) by printing out resume, laying out clothes, going over the company’s work culture, mission, etc
10:07PM: Get ready for bed. Yes, this early because being unemployed is not as fun if all your friends are employed or enrolled in school.
11:30PM: Good night

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Everyone is jealous of something.  I don’t care how confident you are, how narcissist you are, there is a little bit of jealousy in everyone. I never used to consider myself jealous. Then out of curiosity, I started to make a list. The list was 10x longer than I expected.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of things that I like about myself but here are the (many) things that I wish I had or had the ability to have.

I’m jealous of…

  • Photoshop-perfect complexion. Not a single blemish in sight. There are girls who can sleep in their makeup, sweat for 24 hours straight, rub grease all over their face and still wake up with perfect skin. I secretly hate them all.
  • Computer geeks and their brilliance. No matter how much I want to learn, I will never be able to grasp the concept or CSS or Java language that these people seem to speak as their second language. It boggles my mind but it’s child’s play to them.
  • My friend Emma who is fluent in French, Chinese and English. And by fluent, I mean basically a native. Because she grew up in Montreal, her elementary school taught her French.  With fob parents, she was taught Chinese and by region, she knew English. I can barely call myself  bilingual and here is my friend, trilingual,  without even making an effort.
  • The Serena Van der Woodsens of the world. For all you non-Gossip Girl fans, you know the type. The girl who’s smile radiates sunlight the second she walks into a room. She has this ability to make guys turn to mush and make girls love her despite their jealousy to be her. She’s the girl with a warm smile and infectious laugh that makes you wonder what her secret is. I can’t even smile and make it look sincere, even if it really is.
  • Creative minds. The ability to think of some spectacular original concept on the spot. To formulate it and turn it into a success ie blog, tv show, restaurant, business, you name it. These include all graphic designers and art majors. Which leads to me another jealous factor
  • Artistic abilities. I can’t even draw stick figures correctly, let alone come up with a work of art. Whether it be illustrative or through photography, art blows my mind. People write this off as “easy” since it’s not mathematics or science but art itself is a difficult thing to achieve. The time and effort and thought that is put into it needs to be appreciated more. Imagine a world without advertisement, architecture and design. Don’t underestimate these people. Teach me how to draw something other than a square.
  • Photographers. In relation to artistic ability, photography is one art that I am overtly jealous of. Along with special editing skills, the ability to capture moments in a way that stimulates our minds amazes me. This ties in with creative and artistic concepts. Blast you all.

Okay that’s all for now. There are probably more things but these are the ones. I know that all these can be achieved through dedication and (lots of) time but maybe my laziness is what prohibits me from having all these skills (minus the first one, that’s just sheer luck)

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More Fmylife.com goodness

I consider it pretty rare when I burst out laughing, or even anything more than a scoff. Everytime I read this site, I find myself bursting out in laughter when I’m all alone. And disrupting all those around me in Starbucks.

My favorites from today:

  • Today, I was complaining to my sister about how jealous I was of her looks. Her response was “Sometimes it’s okay to be the ugly sister. Like, you have less of a chance of getting raped.” FML
  • Today, I told my mom I was going through a growth spurt. She said “Yeah, horizontally.” FML
  • Today, I lit a cigarette in the opposite direction of the wind. My hair blew into it, and caught on fire. FML
  • Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML
  • Today, I finally reunited with a lot of old friends from school. It was great to see everyone grown up and hear the stories. At the end we decided to have a group photo for old times sake. They asked me to take the picture. FML
  • Today, a girl entered the public washroom I was washing my hands in. When she saw me, she stopped dead in her tracks. I then saw her go to the door to make sure she was actually in the girl’s washroom. FML


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This year will mark my first actual Valentine’s date. I guess part of me should be excited about that fact but honestly, it’s just a day. It’s a business-driven holiday to boost the economy with overpriced chocolate, flowers and red cards.

I think my best Valentine’s had to be last year and I didn’t have a date. I had 15. In celebration of the day, 15 of my img_1658friends got together at someone’s house and threw a party. As it turned out, all 15 of us happened to be single. Coincidence? Who knows. In the course of 3 hours,  not once did someone complain about the day, despite the fact that we had heart-shaped img_16391decorations all over the walls, chocolate-covered strawberries and Valentine’s Day cards strewed all over the table. There were no sullen looks, there were no “I wish I had somebody” cries. No, there was laughter and lots of it. Girls beating guys at a game of Halo, friends telling ridiculous stories that made no sense and the sheer volume of drunken laughter was enough to show that not a single one of us was feeling lonely on this day. I don’t know if I can speak for the rest of my friends but I have to say this was probably one of the happiest days ever. I almost would have forgotten about the day had it not been for the overwhelming theme of red clothing worn by all the lovebirds. I guess most people hate this day because deep down, we’re all just lonely and want to feel loved by someone. I felt that last year.


Plus it was nice knowing you didn’t have to spend money buying useless gifts or outfits that you could only wear once.

But best of all, Valentine’s Day marks the day before the best chocolate sale ever! Although I’m looking forward to spending time with the boyfriend this year, I’m a little more excited to hit up Walgreens or Target and raid the chocolate/candy aisle.  After all, Valentine’s Day can also be called Eat-your-heart-out day

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I am not a city girl. I was born and raised in the sunny suburbs of Orange County so really, this observation could be totally off. But after several trips on several subways all over the world, I’ve come to a conclusion of the type of people who ride these things.

The 5 people you meet on a Subway

1. The tech-savvy businessman
Can be seen: using a Blackberry or iPhone or PDA of some sort or a laptop

Dressed in their power suit and power ties, these businessmen are constantly clicking away at their laptops or Blackberries. They are young, arrogant and think they are on their way to rule the world. Or at least the subway. They take up two seats. One for them,one for their ego. They look clean, groomed and flashy. When they exit, they walk confidently and quickly. They are proud to be a part of Corporate America. And they don’t want you bothering them.

2. The chatterbox
Can be seen: on the phone or rambling on about who-knows-what to the person next to them, who is trying really hard to ignore them.

Actually, these people can be seen on airplanes too. Most people take public transportation to get from point A to point B. These people seem to take public transportation so that they can have random encounters with random strangers. These are the people who will sit next to you, smile at you and wait for you to smile back. If and when you give them a polite smile, they will take that as a sign to chat up a storm. They’ll always start with something relating to the weather. “Nice day eh?” or “Man it’s freezing out there!” As you politely laugh, this encourages them to continue. They’ll tell you about how they’re on their way to see their granddaughter or something that you don’t care about. They’ll tell you about their passions or their childhood or something that won’t be relevant to you in any shape or form. Even if you aren’t sitting next them, their voice will fill the entire subway, because they’re the only one who is talking loudly. This would be a great time to be a youthful city dweller.

3. The youthful city dweller
Can be seen: dressed in a hoodie sweatshirt listening to an iPod blasting loud enough for everyone to hear

The youthful city dweller is an independent person, with their own opinions that they believe make them unique. No one has informed them that there really isn’t anymore original ideas. All ideas are an inspiration of something else. These are the kids who come get on the subway alone with nothing but their iPods. They sink into their seat, hood over their head, iPod plugged into their ears, blocking out the rest of the world. They stare out the window and act as if no one else is sitting on the subway. Their iPod is their escape and for a song or two, their iPod serves as a soundtrack to their life. Sometimes they can be seen playing games on their cellphones or doing their school homework (so productive). But most of the time, they just sit in the corner and drown out the chatterbox and tourists next to them.

4. The tourist
Can be seen: with other tourists, backpacks and cameras

They can be found in pairs or even by the dozens. They come, ready with a tour book in one hand and a camera in the other. They take pictures of everything, and I mean everything. They pose with the subway map, the subway chairs, the subway windows, the subway poles, you name it.  The typical groups are the hoards of Asian tour groups but I’ve also seen a lot of European tour groups so no stereotyping. They talk excitedly amongst themselves, reviewing the 100 photos they just took of their subway trip. They take a picture of something outside their window every 5 seconds, to document the entire ride. They get a lot of dirty looks from the locals.

5. The locals
Can be seen: with grocery and annoyed glares at the tourists

These are the ones who have lived in the city since before they were born. They know the city inside and out, every single alley way, every little corner. The city is their territory, riddled with businessmen on the weekdays and tourists on the weekend. They sit, hugging their groceries or purse, glaring at all who step in their territory. They get on the subway hoping not to see tourists or chatterboxes. They exchange glances of pity with other locals. They just want to ride the subway in peace.

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Maybe it’s rude to laugh but this site made my entire day. Just when you think you’re having a crappy day, someone out there is having a worse day.

Some of my (many) favorites so far:

  • Today, after a late night at the bars, I stepped into my building’s elevator with a Chinese man who was carrying a plastic bag. Without thinking I said, “Oooh, are you still delivering?” His response, “I live here.” FML
  • Today, the cleaning lady left a note that said my room was too dirty to clean. FML
  • Today, my phone rang for the first time in four days. It was my mom. She dialed the wrong number. FML
  • Today, I went to the doctor’s office because I was sick. The male nurse led me back and when he weighed me, he said “Why do I get all the beefy girls today?”. FML
  • Today, I was driving and stopped behind a person at a stop sign. Their car didn’t move for about 1 minute. I got out of my car yelling at the person. It was an old woman. She wasn’t breathing. FML
  • Today, my airline lost my luggage when I flew back from France. They also lost my luggage when I flew to France. FML
  • Today, I found out that my assistant is now my manager. FML
  • Today, I went out on a date with a girl for the first time. I opened her car door for her and then slammed her leg in it upon closing. She will be in a cast for 6 weeks. FML
  • Today, I was on a date with this girl. I attempted to put my arm around her, but I elbowed her in the face instead. FML
  • Today, they finally took my braces off. 7 hours later I fell of my bike and chipped my tooth. FML
  • Today, my wife, in her magnificent wedding dress, had her period during the ceremony. How did I find out? The same way everyone else did. FML

Okay. I need to get off this site

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